In addition to a score of films appearing as world, U.S., or New York premieres, the 2017 New York Jewish Film Festival also features a number of special programs including a tribute to actress and cabaret artist Valeska Gert, a poster exhibition honoring the life and work of Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, talk programs, and more.


Emmanuel Bourdieu, France/Belgium, 2016, 97MIN

Marie Noëlle, Germany/France/Poland, 2016, 95MIN

Dorit Hakim, Israel, 2016, 110MIN

Avi Nesher, Israel, 2016, 110MIN

Alberto Cavalcanti, UK, 1934, 32MIN

Radu Jude, Romania, 2016, 141MIN

Konrad Wolf, East Germany/Bulgaria, 1959, 88MIN

Maria Schrader, Austria/France/Germany, 2016, 106MIN

Carl Junghans, Czechoslovakia, 1929, 63MIN

Mel Brooks, U.S., 1968, 90MIN

Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Germany, 1931, 112MIN

Emil Ben-Shimon, Israel, 2016, 96MIN