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Doing Jewish: A Story from Ghana

U.S. Premiere

Gabrielle Zilkha, Canada, 2016, 85MIN, English

Who would expect to find Jews in Ghana? Certainly not filmmaker Gabrielle Zilkha. But when she volunteered to work in Africa, and found herself alone as the Jewish New Year approached, she made a surprising connection with the Jewish Africans she met there. In remote Sefwi Wiawso, Zilkha encounters a group of practicing Jews, dedicated and devout, who perform rites like circumcision and observe Kosher dietary laws. Only recently did this Ghanaian community discover they were part of a worldwide religion with millions of followers, and were as surprised as the filmmaker who made this inspiring documentary.

Filmmaker Gabrielle Zilkha and producer Jenn Mason in person for Q&A.

Screening with Kol Nidre #3

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