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The Muses of Isaac Bashevis Singer

U.S. Premiere

Asaf Galay and Shaul Betser, Israel, 2014, 72MIN, English, Hebrew and Yiddish with English subtitles


The Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer was a charming enchanter both on the page and in his romantic life. This surprising and unflinching documentary explores, through poignant interviews and exclusive archival footage, the unknown history of one of his most vital sources of creative inspiration: his translators. Dozens of women throughout Singer’s life worked with him to open the doors to his singular Yiddish prose for the rest of the world to enjoy, and his relationships with many of them blurred the lines between the professional and the intimate. This is their story, and his—and a story of the arts of literature, translation, love, and life itself.

Directors Asaf Galay and Shaul Betser in person for Q&A at both screenings!

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Walter Reade Theater

Asaf Galay and Shaul Betser